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Financial Aid 

City Ballet San Francisco (CBSF) is committed to providing opportunities for aspiring dancers, and we understand that financial circumstances may be a consideration. Students seeking financial aid must apply through our financial aid application process.

Please be aware that our financial aid funds are limited and are sourced from our non-profit arm, the CBSF Foundation. The availability of scholarships relies on the generosity of donations received. Any financial aid beyond what is covered by the foundation comes directly from the school's resources.

Our financial aid program operates with a work-study structure, meaning recipients may be requested to volunteer their time and efforts on occasion. This collaborative approach allows us to foster a supportive community while providing financial assistance.

It's important to note that financial aid and scholarships exclusively cover tuition fees. Ancillary costs such as performance fees, studio rentals, housing, or any other additional expenses are not included in the financial aid package.

Due to the limited nature of our funds, not all applicants may receive assistance. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to supporting our dancers in their pursuit of excellence.




Are you the sole financal provider for your family?


Do you receive income from any other source(s), (support, sponsorship, etc.)?
Do you have a job?
Parent/Guardian (2) - Do you have a job?


In the space below, please describe any other reasons or circumstances (past, present, or future) that you feel increase your qualification and/or need for financial assistance. (e.g., family circumstances, other responsibilities; etc.).


If your application is accepted, understand that the work-study, scholarship, or tuition discount offered to you is conditional and that to continue receiving the same you must: a. Continue serving in all areas. b. Be making satisfactory progress in your level, as determined by your teacher and the Artistic Director. c. Comply with our with community standards. d. Fulfill work-study obligations, where applicable.


I affirm that the information in this form is true and accurate according to my knowledge.

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Your application has been submitted. Thank you!

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