A Message from Nikolai

For the young aspiring dancer

“I can not emphasize more how extremely important the first few years of professional classical ballet training are. One can compare them with the first few years in a life of a newly born baby - first impressions, first steps, first words. That’s when the foundation for the successful future is laid.

Same goes with the classical ballet training. The strong foundation is the key for the student to, eventually, realize his fullest potential. That’s when flexibility, strength and coordination are developed and at the same time technique, artistry and love for the profession are cultivated and carefully taught.

In my Beginning/Intermediate Levels I’m not only following the proven method but most importantly, I look at every student as an individual with his own qualities and challenges.  My initial goal is to help every single boy in the class to acquire a strong, solid foundation, both physically and mentally, in order to become the best classical ballet dancer they can ever be”. - Nikolai Kabaniaev

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