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England vs New Zealand live stream: How to watch third Test match at Headingley online

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England are taking on New Zealand today in the third and final Test match of the series at Headingley.

The hosts have already secured the series victory having earned an insurmountable 2-0 lead over the first two Tests at Lord’s and Trent Bridge.

Unfortunately Jimmy has not pulled up as well as we would have liked. So Jamie Overton is going to make his debut. It's unfortunate for Jimmy but we've got a massive Test match against India to look to as well. It's great Jamie gets the opportunity to represent England.

England skipper Ben Stokes has confirmed Jimmy Anderson will miss the third Test vs New Zealand with an ankle injury, as Jamie Overton comes in for his debut.

Speaking to Sky Sports on Wednesday, Stokes said: "Unfortunately Jimmy (Anderson) has not pulled up as well as we would have liked. So Jamie Overton is going to make his debut this week.

It's unfortunate for Jimmy but we've obviously got a massive Test match against India next week to look to as well.

He didn't pull up as well, so it's great Jamie gets the opportunity to represent England.

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We are probably not at that stage with "Bazball" just yet. But as remarkable as the men's Test team have been these last two weeks, it's hard not to shake the feeling its veneration, perhaps even the ethos itself, has been bestowed upon them without a thorough idea of what it actually entails. And as much as the players can talk up the cleansing powers of Brendon McCullum and the contagious brilliance of Ben Stokes, the cynics are still wondering if this emperor has simply gone on a spending spree.

As such, Headingley provides as much of an opportunity to reinforce the method behind the mantra or pull at a rogue thread on the invisible garment. The trick for England is to react calmly whatever the result: not get too full of of themselves with a 3-0 win, and keep faith in these principles even if New Zealand get on the board - two things previous iterations of this England team have not done exactly done well.

For now there remains a humility within the squad that there is more learning to be done. They know the adrenalin shot of a Stokes-Bairstow partnership won't always come off, or that chasing down scores of 299 inside 50 overs of the final day means all the ills of the last few years have been cured.


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