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Spring Show

Saturday, May 15




This year, rather than a full-blown production of a classical ballet, our Spring Show will be a reflection on our Year-Round Program in the light of the pandemic and a celebration as it comes to a close. This virtual production will feature a variety of variations, group pieces, interviews, and behind-the-scene clips to give insight on how the students have been doing as well as celebrating their progress. Our goal is to have as flexible and safe of a performance for our young dancers as possible.  We will have a combination of professionally recorded in-studio performances and zoom/at-home performances. We then plan to find an outdoor venue to collectively have a Covid-safe streaming of our spring performance on Saturday, May 15th. Should things not yet be safe enough at that time, we will look into doing an online live stream of the production. 


Each student will be cast in a part to work on for our production. Students will be invited individually, depending on the level and piece, to come into the dedicated studio one-by-one and perform their pieces with a professional backdrop and lights. In addition, they will be asked a couple of questions relative to this very unique period in history. We will have a videographer on hand (at a safe distance) to film and ultimately edit all of the material together to create a video which laces both performance and interview footage together. Should a dancer's family not be comfortable with coming into our studio, their footage will be gathered via Zoom/at-home recordings and will be integrated into the film.


Costuming will be minimal, and we will ask that for younger dancers, a parent assists with costuming under Kathy's distanced guidance. At no time will anyone be closer than 10 ft. away. Studios will be cleaned between performances and the teacher will be in the room to offer help & corrections. All staff will be masked at all times.



Rehearsals will occur within usual class hours on zoom, unless instructed otherwise.

Spring Show 2021
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