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30 Otis Project

Our New Home (Fall 2021)

City Ballet - SF will be moving back to its original location at 30 Otis Street - but to a brand new building in the Fall of 2021. With the new building, new studios, and even a new theater at the heart of San Francisco’s performing arts district, City Ballet -SF will be part of the strategic revitalization of San Francisco’s Market Street Hub (The Hub).

We are so excited to move into our new home and all of the opportunities it will bring!

New Studios, New Theater, New Home

Projected Move-In Date: September 2021

"This new mixed-use residential building proposed for 30 Otis Street consists of a 250-foot tower accompanied by an 85-foot podium building that will be part of the strategic revitalization of San Francisco’s Market Street Hub (The Hub). This historically underutilized area offers immense opportunity for the city. It is located near the rapidly-transforming Mid-Market area, and is well-suited to the development of a transit-oriented, high-density, mixed-use residential neighborhood
Gould Evans’ design responds to The Hub’s twin imperatives for increased density and people-centered urban design. The 398,000 GSF building will contain 418 rental units, 11,000 SF of amenity space, 4,000 SF of retail space and provide expanded space for a neighborhood cultural institution. The project also proposes an elegant public plaza that is being collaboratively designed with Fletcher Studio and Mexican architect Frida Escobedo to enrich the neighborhood’s pedestrian experience.
A cornerstone of the project is the 18,000 SF of performance and instruction space for the City Ballet - San Francisco, a prestigious San Francisco-based classical ballet school which has resided on the site for more than ten years. By incorporating the ballet school into the new development, the project will enable a performing arts institution to remain in the neighborhood and continue contributing to the cultural vibrancy of the greater Mid-Market/Civic Center performing arts district." - Gould Evans

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"The Hub": An Old Gem

About one century ago, the Otis and 12th St. intersection was a vibrant and attractive place to be, with many local shops and businesses.

A Bittersweet Goodbye

In 2003, City Ballet - SF moved in to 32 Otis St. and called it home for 16 years. Many memories were made and dreams realized here. However, the building was demolished in 2018 to make room for the new 27 story building.

Reclaiming "The Hub"

The 30 Otis Project is part of the effort to fulfill this central intersection's potential. Equipped with a ballet school, theater, outdoor public plaza, housing and other new buildings, it will no longer be a place to pass through, but a place to stay.

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Thank You to Our Partners

Without whom this would not be possible

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