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Year-Round Program

Your Career Starts Here.


CBSF differentiates itself from other ballet schools by providing students with a plethora of opportunities, all intended to develop personal and professional growth. Here at CBSF, students 1. Perform in professional-quality productions multiple times a year, 2. Have access to career guidance, mentorship, and professional connections, and 3. Participate in cultural immersions (the most noteworthy being at Bolshoi Academy, home of the Vaganova method).

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Professional Division

Reach your highest potential

Pre-Professional Division

Hone your skills

Junior Division

Build a solid foundation

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At CBSF, we strive to uphold a standard for the art of ballet that we can instill in each of our students. To that end, students cannot be late or miss class. We expect the highest level of commitment from our students and vow to respect their time and efforts with world-class training. Our curriculum follows the Vaganova Method, so that students have consistent training all the way up through the levels. Students are therefore able to build on their training, rather than undo it with conflicting information, as they develop in the most indispensable years of their training. This gives dancers a solid foundation in technique that they can later safely expand on in other styles of ballet. That being said, our curriculum supplements ballet with other styles of dance to enhance their coordination of movement and enrich their artistry.


Our teachers not only ensure the highest quality of training, but also guidance and mentorship for each individual dancer. Together they make CBSF more than just a premier ballet school, they make it a home.


Nikolai Kabaniaev

Boys'/Men's Director

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Galina Alexandrova

Artistic Director

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Ruzana Iremashvili

Ballet and Character

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