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Cultural Immersion

"The trip of a lifetime"

It is our wish for our students to understand the roots of their training in order to appreciate their studio routine. That is why every three years, we take our students to Russia: the birthplace of the Vaganova Method. 


During this adventure of a lifetime, our students take classes at the legendary Bolshoi Ballet Academy, observe the Russian students during class, and see some of the best ballet companies in the world perform in their home theaters. Students have seen the Bolshoi Ballet perform Ivan the Terrible, Yuri Possokhov's A Hero of Our Time, and the Kremlin Ballet Theatre perform Swan Lake, among other performances, observing ballet legends like Svetlana Zakharova and Ivan Vasiliev. 


Staying in the center of Moscow, students and chaperones learn the Russian language, eat hearty native foods, and walk in the historically rich Red Square - immersing themselves in the culture and developing a deeper understanding of the origin of their ballet training. 

Discover the roots of your training

Our students dance in the footsteps of their own teachers as they take classes with Master Teachers from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and learn about the blueprints of their training. Not only do the students get to take classes, but they also get to observe the Russian students in action as they take class.


Get Inspired

We arrange for the group to see where their training could lead to by watching the highest quality of dancing at the oh-so historical theaters like the Bolshoi Theatre. Students have seen The Bolshoi Ballet perform the classic Ivan the Terrible, Yuri Possokhov's A Hero of Our Time, and the Kremlin Ballet Theatre perform Swan Lake, among other performances. They got to watch live performances by ballet legends like Svetlana Zakharova and Ivan Vasiliev.

Immerse yourself in a new culture

Learn the Russian language, eat some delicious and hearty native foods, take a walk in the historically rich Red Square. Students and chaperones stay right at the center of the city, with the ability to get anywhere in 15-20 min by subway. Explore the best parts of the majestic country of Russia!

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