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Summer Intensive Application

Apply, Audition, Train

All prospective students must complete the application below. Not all applicants are guaranteed enrollment as the program and applicant must compliment one another at the discretion of our faculty.


Applicants can audition by submitting a video by March 3, 2023. A non refundable fee of $30 is required for all auditions. Applications must be accompanied by two photos: a head shot and a ballet pose (on pointe if appropriate). 

Video audition instructions:

  • Students ages 8-19 : Video should be at least 1-2 minutes in length. Please include a compilation of barre, center, and pointe (if applicable). 

  • Students ages 6-7, or if no previous experience: Please submit a video including your student doing the splits, a "frog" stretch (example linked), a tendu (example linked), and a clip of the student dancing to music

Please note: acceptance into our Summer Intensives does not guarantee enrollment into our Year-Round Program.

Audition Application

For the 2023 Summer Intensive

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